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Bioki facilitates its users’ access to booking appointments with medical professionals. Your privacy while using our services is our priority



Welcome to Bioki. Thank You for visiting Bioki’s Sites. Bioki’s Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) explain our management concerning data collection, protection and usage to ensure Bioki’s efficiency and progress.
By agreeing to the following terms, you are legally bound by obligations imposed and rights granted to You herein by Bioki whether You are a doctor “Doctor” or a “Patient”.
Absence of prior acceptance of these terms when registering, the visitor will not have access to our Sites’ full features.
For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, You, User of our sites and application (collectively the “Sites”), will be referred to as “You”, or “User”. To designate Bioki in this document, the terms “We”, “Us”, shall be used.
If Bioki offers additional, or future services or tools, such services and tools shall be governed by different policies.
Should You have any questions about our privacy practices or these Terms and Conditions, please email Us at Support@Bioki.app.


Modification of these terms

Bioki shall modify these provisions at any time, at its sole discretion, with notification to the Sites’ Users.
We will post any changes to these terms on our Sites and indicate at which date the last update has been done.


Information We collect

I. Types of information collected

When You register yourself on Bioko’s Sites, we may collect the following valuable information from You: –
• Personal Information. You will be asked to provide Us with certain personal information, including but not limited to your name, date of birth, state, country, zip code, email address, phone number, business contact information, related to User’s bank account (credit cards, social security card, debit card), employment history (as permitted by law) in case User is a doctor, medical history, and state, in case User is a Patient.

• Sites Activity Information. Our IT team will track your actions on the site such as, your search, the links You visit on our Sites, the number of bookings You execute via our Sites.

• Cookies and Browser Information. We and our advertisers take part in advertising networks. When You access the Site, We and our advertisers may collect data, through automated means (cookies and web beacon). This data encompasses your Internet Protocol address, device ID, the country You are logging in from, browser type, connection speed, device model, access times, your preferred language or location or links. Our Sites offer You the option to receive notifications any time a cookie is being sent, limit or delete data collected through cookies and web beacon.


II. How We collect information

We may collect data through various methods:
• Directly from You. Upon registration, You will be asked to answer various questions concerning your personal information.
• Indirectly from third parties. As it was mentioned above, We participate in advertising networks. Third parties do to. Therefore, our advertisers and Us may collect information regarding your online activity on Third parties’ sites.
• Analytics Tools. We collect data automatically through tracking technology (cookies, web beacons, log files) or other online services.


III. Why We collect your information

We collect data for various reasons:
• Payment. We collect information related to your bank account to collect payment from You upon placement of a paid transaction in case User is a Patient. Incase User is a Doctor, We also collect such information from doctors them to transfer them, on their bank account, their remuneration following their execution of an appointment, or in case We charge them commission and advertising fees.

• Better treatment (in case User is a Patient): when You provide Us with information related to your medical history and state, it gives Us and our doctors the chance to perform our roles at best.
• Communication. We collect your personal information to enhance communication with You, send You notices, links, adds regarding our services.

• Protection. Collection of information invites transparency. Conducting background checks and asking for your personal information help Us detect and prevent the risk of fraudulent access to our Sites, thus, protecting Us, doctors, and Patients.

• Advertising. Our advertisers and Us use your data We gather from third parties’ websites and online services to promote our Sites’ performance and tailor adds according to your preferences, searches, and interests.

• Business purposes. Our automatic tracking system aims to ensure efficiency of our Services. The main goal of Bioki is to improve and facilitate the access to medical treatment. To reach this objective, We must try to ensure:

1. Accessibility and Development. The reduction of the risk of difficulty and obstacles while using our Sites is our priority. Our tracking systems shall help detect possible errors or troubleshoots occurring when browsing through our Sites, analyze them and notify our IT team of such problems, and they shall solve them. This would enhance your ability to execute your task (in case User is a Doctor), or to browse and make bookings (in case User is a Patient) efficiently and smoothly via our Sites.
2. Productivity. Our analytics tools also help Us supervise our doctors’ activity and productivity.


IV. Why We share your information

Bioki does not disclose any information it collects from You. However, We might need to share the information You provided for the following: –
• Business purposes. Bioki has the right to share your Personal Information with Bioki’s team members such as, service providers in charge of data storage and protection, professional advisors, and subsidiaries within our corporate group.
• Advertising. Participating in advertising networks requires from Us to divulge some of the information we collected from You and your activity on our Sites to third parties.
• Compliance with law. Bioki is bound by these Terms and Conditions and by the law which prevails in case it conflicted with our Terms and Conditions. Therefore, if Bioki was under a law enforcement, judicial order, or regulatory inquiries to disclose the information it collected from You, it shall share such data, without your prior consent.
• In case of a transaction. Bioki has the right to share your Personal Information in case of a merger, sale of shares, or other business transaction.
• For other business reasons. We may share your Personal Information to enhance our performance.
• Access to Other Sites via Our Sites. Our Sites allow You to access third parties’ sites and platforms by simply clicking on links our Sites present to You, or by sharing our content on other sites or platforms. By opening the link from our Sites or by sharing our content, You’re agreeing that the information You provided to Bioki would be shared with the other site You wish to visit. For example, this would be the case when You wish to share a content existing on our Sites to your Facebook account.
• Better medical treatment (in case User is a Patient): We share your personal medical information exclusively with our doctors to provide you with adequate, personalized and, efficient treatment from our doctors.


V. Retention of data

The data We collect from You is stored in certain folders for a certain period of time. Our retention of data depends on numerous factors (business necessity, security, legal requirements, importance, and sensitivity). We store all the information You provide Us in our archives. However, We create a backup for some of them.
• Data stored in our archives: all types of information including your personal information mentioned above (employment history, date of birth, state, country, zip code, bank account information, etc….). They are safeguarded from the moment of your registration till the termination of your account, and end of services in case User is a doctor.
• Data stored in our backup files: personal information related to our business development. This would include data collected through cookies, online services, log files and web beacons. Bioki has solely and exclusively the right to determine the period of retention of this data.
• Sensitive information: Under law enforcement to disclose such data. Sensitive information includes any information related to your medical history or, and state collected by Us or deducted from our doctors following or before the appointments with Patients. The Patients will not have the right to request and execute deletion of such data, if We are, your request for deletion shall be denied.



To register yourself on our Sites as a doctor, You must have a license to practice medicine. By agreeing to the terms herein, You are expressly confirming to Bioki You are legally licensed to conduct your professional activities.
As for Patients, they must be above the age of 18. If We learned that an account has been created by a person who has less than 18 years old unbeknownst to their parent or legal guardian and/or without their consent, or if the parents or the legal guardian suspects the creation of an account by their child, or the person they guard, who has less than 18 years old and notified Us, the problematic account shall be promptly deleted.


Steps to access Bioki features

A visitor of Bioki’s Sites does not require registration to navigate on our Sites. However, to benefit from, and have full access to our services, We require registration, thus creation of an account. The steps and the requirements related to your access to right to practice are as follows:
1. Registration: You must provide true and accurate information when asked about your personal information. In case any of the information You provided changed later, You must modify your personal data on our Sites. Failure of this update, Bioki shall, in its sole discretion, terminate or suspend, your right to use its Sites.
2. Opening of an account: after registration, You shall open an account and create your own password. You are solely responsible for protecting your password and keeping it confidential. We strongly advice You not to communicate your password to anyone, including Bioki’s employees. You must notify Us in case You receive a request to reveal your password, if your password was revealed, or your account was accessed from an unauthorized third party. If, for any reason, your password was divulged or your account was accessed by an unauthorized third party, Bioki is not, in any way, responsible for unauthorized access and the activity resulting from the latter. You acknowledge that in order to protect your data, it is your responsibility to use a secured encrypted connection to communicate with the Services.

Failure to provide your password after 10 consecutive trials shall be considered as an unauthorized access and therefore, the access shall be denied until You confirm otherwise, by contacting Us, personally.


Rights granted to the Users

The rights attributed to our Users are as follows:
• Registered Users in accordance with these terms receive the license to download our applications on any device, use our Sites, and benefit from its materials, options as well as other services provided by Us. This right is non-exclusive and revocable at any time from Bioki when it judges it necessary. Moreover, it is strictly prohibited to Users of our Sites to sub-license their access to our services, therefore their rights, to a non-registered third party, without Bioki’s prior consent.


Obligations of the Users

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, Users:
• Must take the measures they deem necessary to protect their data, for example using a trusted secured connection/network while accessing to our Sites. Bioki is not responsible for protecting the information it collects from its Users.
• Are prohibited from causing, or trying to cause disturbance, troubles, interference in Bioki’s technological system. This obligation applies for the period during which the User is registered, before registration, and after deletion of its account, the end of its services (in case the User is the doctor), or the end of its subscription to our Sites.
• Are prohibited from selling or transmitting any available content on our Sites to third parties.
• Are bound by our Intellectual Properties Terms and Conditions, and its consequences including but not limited the prohibition for Users from using trademark, copyrights or other property rights available on or in our Sites and services. In the event of breach of this term, Bioki shall be entitled to indemnification, and shall take the measures and legal action against any breach at its sole discretion, the measures it deems necessary without being obliged to justify the relativeness/appropriateness between the seriousness of the penalty and the gravity of violation.

In case You notice any violation of the sort, we advise you to immediately notify Us.



We have installed a highly technical program designed to secure the access to your account, all the information we collect from You, as well as any content available on our Sites. However, We do not guarantee the efficiency of our protective measures. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, You agree to the risk that your data may be illegally accessed and that You are solely and exclusively responsible for your information and your transmission of them is at your own risk.
You acknowledge that You provide your personal information at your own risk.


Sites’ content

The Sites’ content encompasses the content the User shares on our Sites, and the content Bioki provides and, or presents on its Sites.


User’s content

We may invite or give You the option to store certain data on our Sites, and submit, post or transmit feedback or proposals on how to improve our Services. Any submissions including, but not limited to documents, data, comment, suggestion, observation, statement, judgement, opinion and, or advice) made by User:
1. Is not binding. Bioki is not, in anyway, bound to discus, apply or try to apply such submissions.
2. Does not grant User any intellectual property rights over them. If We are interested by any idea submitted and decided to execute it, We have all property and IP rights over your proposal. Hence, any execution, use, share of, or/and inspiration from your transmitted content shall not constitute a violation to any IP or property rights.
Bioki reserves the right, but is not obliged, to remove any content, or block any account from creating content if it deems it necessary.


Bioki’s content

Bioki’s content includes but is not limited to, design, graphics, slogan, logo, and name.
You are entirely, solely, and exclusively responsible of the nature of the above-mentioned content You transmit. The term “nature” of the data includes its legality, accuracy, veracity, precision, and authenticity.


Intellectual Property Policy

Bioki has Intellectual Property Rights over the content presented on its Sites. The term “content” includes but it not limited to, all statements, titles, phrases, logos, comments, designs, names, trademarks appearing on Bioki’s Sites. Therefore, Users are prohibited from using the aforementioned content without prior consent from Bioki.
In case of violation by You to our IP rights, we have the exclusive discretionary power and right to terminate your account, hence prevent You from benefiting and using the features our Sites’ offer to our Users. In the event of breach of this term, Bioki shall be entitled to indemnification, and shall take the measures, at its sole discretion, the measures it deems necessary without being obliged to justify the relativeness/appropriateness between the seriousness of the penalty and the gravity of violation.
In case You notice such breach committed by any of our Users or third parties, please notify Us by email, or by any possible means immediately.


Payment and Refund Policy

We offer to our Patients various methods of payment:
• Online.
• Cash: by visiting one of our physical site
• Fawry.

We add the tax to the amount of money which must be paid.
Patient must pay the amount charged to their account, in X period of time. Bioki, has the exclusive right to remove certain charges, and/or offer discounts at their own volition.
Any payment made by Patient is non-refundable. However, there are exceptions depending on the moment of payment:
• If the payment is due monthly and the payment done by User was its first at Bioki, it could be refundable after the first 10 days since payment, regardless of User’s reasons.
• If payment is due before every appointment, refund will be possible in case:
• The reservation was cancelled by Patient 24 hours before its occurrence. If it was cancelled by the doctor himself, or one of our team for any reason at any time, Patient is entitled to a refund his payment.
• Call was not answered, or not initiated by doctor.
• The appointment was cancelled due to technical reasons.
If the appointment was interrupted for any reason, the User will be offered another booking with the same doctor to complete the appointment.


Representations and warranties

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, You expressly guarantee:
• You have the legal capacity and power to enter into and respect these Terms and Conditions.
• You will not use this site in unauthorized ways for other purposes than the ones expressly or implicitly mentioned in this document.
• Your execution of these terms does not constitute a violation or conflict to any obligation You are subject to. The term “obligation” englobes, but is not limited to legal obligations, contracts, arrangements, or any court sentences and rulings by which You are bound.
• Not to post on our Sites any offensive, defamatory, discriminatory, or illegal content. If You commit any of the precedent, Bioki has the right to terminate your account and therefore, forbid You from benefiting from our Sites’ features.
Bioki makes no representations or warranties regarding:
• The faculty of worldwide access to and use of our Sites. Those who access or use our Sites and services from other jurisdictions do so at their own will and are responsible for compliance with the Egyptian law.
• The accuracy of the information and content available on our Sites. Bioki team aims to provide You with the easiest access to an efficient and professional medical treatment through its content which includes, but is not limited to doctors’ qualification, level of expertise, however it does not guarantee the accuracy of the latter.
• The confidentiality of information We collect from You. To protect your information, our cybersecurity measures block unauthorized access to our servers. However, We do not guarantee the execution, nor the efficiency of such blockage. We assure You, if a an unauthorized access, or breach occurred and resulted in the divulgation of the personal information We collected from You, We will take the necessary measures to block this unauthorized access but we do not guarantee the efficiency of such measures. Moreover, in case of such intrusion, Bioki and its team, including but not limited to, its directors, shareholders, employees and interns shall not be responsible, thus will be under no obligation to compensate You.
This is a best-efforts agreement on the part of Bioki to provide such services as well as to protect You from any harm which could come to your data, in a manner that we deem appropriate.


Limitation of liability

User may not hold Bioki, its officers, directors, employees, shareholders, agents, interns responsible for any of the following:
• Access. If your access to our Sites was slowed down, interrupted, or stopped due to errors, mistakes, bugs, viruses, trojan horses, or other reasons.
• Nature of Data Provided. If the data provided on our Sites is incomplete, inaccurate, or/and false. You are solely responsible when You rely on the available content on Bioki Sites.
• Disclosure Due To Force Majeure. See below.
• Effect of Usage of our Sites. The term “effect” encompasses loss, damage, harm, authorized or unauthorized access or use of data We provide on our Sites and information We collect from You.
• Unauthorized Acts. We are not liable for any prohibited acts by these Terms and Conditions or by the law, committed by our Users, or third parties.
• Any Act from Our Team or Doctors. In case any of Bioki’s team or doctors commits an error including, but not limited to, giving false information, and/or wrong prescription (in case of the doctor).
• Third Parties’ Sites. We are not liable for the conduct of, nor the activities related to third parties’ Sites, including the ones We refer You to. “Conduct” of third parties’ sites includes but is not limited to, their content, advertising methods, advertising contents, and services. We advice You to read carefully third parties’ sites’ Terms and Conditions. “Activities” could be transactions, questions, complaints or other concerns in connection with your interaction with third parties’ sites.
By accepting the terms of these Terms and Conditions, You agree to all of its terms and to use our Sites and benefit from our services at your own, sole risk.



You agree to indemnify Bioki in case You commit any breach to these Terms and Conditions, or any disturbing, inappropriate, harmful, and/or illegal act.
We shall not, in any circumstances, be liable, and indemnify such acts regardless of their consequences.


Force Majeure

Bioki is not liable for any failure to perform or delay due to Force majeure. The term “Force majeure” means unforeseeable and inevitable events which are beyond Bioki’s control. It includes, but is not limited to, acts of God, strikes, casualty, terrorism, bugs, and viruses.


Applicable law

These Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to, its interpretation, application, effects of its application, and consequences of its violation shall be governed by the laws of Egypt, without reference to its conflicts of law rules.


Dispute resolution

Any dispute arising between the Parties shall be referred to and resolved through arbitration by the Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration, in accordance with the Rules of Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration in force, which rules are deemed to be incorporated by reference into this clause.



In the event of breach of the terms herein, Bioki has the exclusive and discretionary power and right to suspend or terminate immediately, or when it deems necessary, the account of the User who committed such violation. Bioki is under no obligation to justify its decision.
Bioki has the exclusive right to decide the consequences of such suspension or termination and to take the measures it deems appropriate or, and necessary.